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An ambitious identity for a new thought leader in the project services sector


Visual Identity

The Challenge

Springtide was developed as a service company operating in the Renewable Energy, Electric Vehicle, and Semiconductor sectors. After an initial period of competitor and sector research, the project kicked off with a strategic workshop with the core team to define their purpose, mission, vision, and values. We emerged from this session with a clear personality in mind – a challenger brand determined to deliver agile and bespoke project management solutions to clients in a sector dominated by large, immobile competitors. A leadership group with a desire to build a diverse, vested team in a culture of collaboration.

The Solution

We developed the name ‘Springtide’ to reflect the ambition and positivity of the company. A metaphor for renewal, growth, and rejuvenation, a spring tide occurs during new and full moon phases. Gravitational forces of the sun and moon align to create the most significant tidal range where ecosystems flourish, bringing an abundance of new resources, sustainable energy, and positive momentum.

We designed a dynamic, symmetrical monogram logo mark to represent this duality and balance – the balance between sun and moon, between client and service provider, between the project goals and the needs of the end user. Our intention throughout was to distinguish Springtide as a fresh and alternative voice in their sector. The brand name, vibrant colour palette, and humanistic photography stand apart from the traditional aesthetic of their competitors.

As part of the brand rollout, we created a brand narrative to allow the leadership team to properly introduce their new company to prospective clients and employees. This narrative then informed the structure of a new website that showcases service and sector expertise as well as telling the story of Springtide.

The Result

This revitalised identity propelled Springtide into the competitive landscape, enabling them to attract new business, amplify their story to a wider audience, and compete effectively in their industry.