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Bringing warmth and community to the world of banking


Visual Identity

The Challenge

The last decade has seen the banking industry evolve like never before. A new wave of digital banks and fintechs offer consumers easy access to international markets, money management and an increasingly digital day-to-day banking experience. Where do traditional banking brands sit within this landscape?

Wanting to distinguish their brand and future-proof their positioning, PTSB set Image Now the challenge of connecting its strategy to a new identity. This needed a brand identity focused on customers, community and human connection and marked the first major overhaul of the brand’s positioning and identity in over 20 years.

The Solution

A full brand identity system across all of the bank’s communications and platforms was developed, aligned to PTSB’s renewed strategic vision – distinction, differentiation and a unique positioning in the market as a hybrid of both pillar and neo bank.

A new logomark simplifies and modernises, representing the bank’s commitment to continuous improvement. It was created as a bespoke typeface and reflects a 200 year heritage, deepening PTSB’s connection to its customers and their communities. The craft in the logo displays a natural flow and movement in the letterforms to reflect a more ‘human’ outlook, in synchronicity with the business’ renewed customer-centric focus.

A contemporary colour palette and custom typeface, created with renowned type designer Bobby Tannam, was chosen to work in harmony with the new brand, to bring consumers a brand underpinned by a deep sense of humanity and warmth. Creating a distinct vision of banking for the future – a future with exceptional customer experience at the forefront.

The last year has seen phenomenal change and growth at PTSB and our increased scale has completely changed our position in the Irish market. We wanted to reflect that change by undertaking a fundamental review of our ambition, how we can help and support our customers and stakeholders, and how we want to be perceived in the market over the coming years.

Eamonn Crowley, Chief Executive of PTSB

The Result

A modernised visual identity that will provide a powerful tool and strategic asset for the bank to communicate its core values, connect with customers – putting them at the heart of operations – and introduce a more “human” banking experience.