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Iarnród Éireann/Irish Rail

Connecting the country



The Challenge

Iarnród Éireann/Irish Rail engaged Image Now to strategically and holistically look at their wayfinding system which had lead to various challenges and negative consequences, affecting the user experience and overall functionality of the rail service and the various touchpoints. 

The system up to this point had been ad-hoc in nature and the provision of information to customers was often unreliable, unintelligible or unavailable. Addressing this challenge requires a thoughtful approach to wayfinding design, considering user needs, context, clear communication, and user testing to ensure that the system is intuitive, efficient, and user-friendly.

The Solution

We collaborated openly with their creative team
on the strategy and purpose, ensuring that the customer’s user-experience was at the heart of the project. A considerable amount of research with key focus groups ensured that all facets of the modern Irish commuting community were considered and catered for, with a keen focus on ability challenged or visually impaired groups.

After completing a revised branding and positioning project we were tasked with applying the new visual identity and brand guidelines across the wayfinding, signage and mapping system for the network

in line with National Transport Authority, TFI and other accessibility guidelines. This was a massive undertaking and involved identifying the customer journeys across multiple touchpoints, mapping needs of the customer relevant to their progress on this journey to ensure a cohesive brand and user experience throughout.

We devised a wayfinding and information system with accompanying guiding strategies, to ensure optimum customer clarity and experience. Moving millions while taking care of the individual. With firm guiding principles, for information and design, we developed a comprehensive toolkit of elements with which to apply the information, including typography, sizes, pictograms, colours and languages. Taking the catalogue of sign types, the guiding criteria and the toolkit of elements, we then designed and artworked every sign type required to be taken forward for sample tests to ensure quality, legibility, accessibility and inclusiveness were paramount. Furthermore, the new system was created holistically and built to last.


The introduction of this well-considered and holistic design system to Iarnród Éireann/Irish Rail’s wayfinding system has lead to improved consistency, user experience, efficiency, recognition, and accessibility. It has ultimately enhance the overall quality of its service, making it easier for passengers to navigate the service with confidence and has lead to increased passenger satisfaction.