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EXO Wayfinding

From GPO to EXO – Creating An Post's new home


Visual Identity

The Challenge

An Post’s EXO building, a symbol of innovation and ambition, presented a unique challenge: creating a wayfinding system that not only facilitated navigation but also reflected the organisation’s vibrant culture and rich heritage. Working in tandem with the architectural vision of the EXO building, we embarked on a comprehensive wayfinding project aimed at enhancing the user experience and promoting intuitive navigation throughout the space.

The Solution

The wayfinding system itself embraced minimalist signage, prioritising ease of readability and accessibility. Effective colour contrast and intuitive navigation cues ensured that signage was clear and concise, following a cohesive system that facilitated effortless navigation for users. Maps on each level provided users with a comprehensive overview of the building layout, allowing them to easily identify key areas and facilities.

Iconography played a pivotal role in the wayfinding system, drawing from the current An Post brand guidelines to maintain consistency and coherence. Streamlined and cohesive, the iconography complemented the overall aesthetic of the building while providing clear visual cues for navigation. Dual-language signage, with Irish taking priority, underscored An Post’s commitment to cultural inclusivity, catering to the diverse needs of its users.

In terms of application, we carefully selected materials such as woods, vinyls, and acrylics that not only aligned with the building’s aesthetic but also offered durability and ease of cleaning. The use of floating applications further enhanced the overall aesthetic, seamlessly integrating with the building’s finishes without overwhelming them.

The Result

Overall, the wayfinding system at An Post’s EXO building not only facilitated navigation but also contributed to the overall aesthetic and functionality of the space. By prioritising clarity, accessibility, and cultural inclusivity, we created a wayfinding solution that seamlessly integrated with the building’s design while enhancing the user experience.