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A.I. Reinventing Retail


Visual Identity

The Challenge

Everseen, a Cork-based artificial intelligence company, aiming to corner the global retail market commissioned us to work with them in 2017 on their brand strategy and brand identity to advance their market position – all while they were still a fledgling start-up.

The Solution

We crafted an ever-moving dynamic identity that mimicked the ever-seeing capabilities of their systems and technologies, pairing it with a graphic brand language that was futuristic yet warm and vibrant. This brand positioning showcased Everseen as a youthful, passionate brand at the cutting edge of technology; a brand with a clear mission. We used experiential and environmental design principles to bring the brand to life in their HQ offices in Cork, Ireland, Romania and Republic of Serbia applying it to wayfinding, interior office branding, lighting and videography.

We refreshed their digital presence, creating a site that puts technology at the foreground with a slick futuristic aesthetic and an ever-moving animated logotype. To educate visitors on their detailed and complex services we storyboarded, art-directed and composited digestible video narratives that illuminated each of the services’ core capabilities through dynamic type, image and sound.

The Results

Since our collaboration, the company has grown from strength to strength, having continued success in lucrative contracts with the world’s largest retailers including WallMart in the US. Everseen has had immense growth in recent times, in just 2 years  — from 2019 to 2021 — their turnover more than doubled, from €10.3m to €23.3m.