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A new strategy, identity and branding system for a landmark Limerick brand


Visual Identity

The Challenge

Crescent Shopping Centre, a cornerstone of commerce in Limerick for over 50 years, faced a common challenge: poor wayfinding. With thousands of visitors navigating its corridors daily, finding one’s way around the space was a daunting and tedious task. Determined to enhance the visitor experience, we embarked on a focused wayfinding project, conducted in tandem with the rebranding of the identity and branding system, aimed at revolutionising navigation within the centre.

The Solution

Our mission was clear: to develop a wayfinding system that would streamline navigation and provide clear guidance to visitors, ensuring they could easily locate key facilities such as car parks, toilets, exits, and important amenities. Working closely with the centre’s management team, we identified key areas of improvement and devised a comprehensive wayfinding grid system tailored to the unique layout of the shopping centre.

One of the central components of our solution was to highlight existing named corridors, including City, Dooradoyle, Garryowen, Library, Omniplex, and Shannon mall, providing clear points of reference for visitors. Additionally, we implemented a series of hero vinyl graphics at main entrances, each colour-coded to correspond with the respective mall entrance, enhancing visibility and aiding orientation. In the underground car park, where navigation posed a particular challenge, we installed wayfinding super-graphics to guide shoppers to their desired destinations with ease. These large-scale graphics not only served a functional purpose but also added visual interest to the space, creating a more engaging environment for visitors.

To further enhance usability, we streamlined the wayfinding system with clear directional arrows, intuitive icons, and a linked colour scheme, ensuring consistency and coherence throughout the shopping centre. By aligning the wayfinding system with the new branding guidelines, including colour, typography, iconography, and formatting, we ensured a seamless integration of the two elements, reinforcing the centre’s identity while improving functionality.


The Result

Throughout the project, we collaborated closely with our manufacturing partner, Ascot, to test, manufacture, and install the finished wayfinding system, graphics, and vinyls. The result was a transformed shopping experience, with visitors able to navigate the centre with confidence and ease, enhancing their overall satisfaction and enjoyment.