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Reimagining the renewable energy sector landscape


Visual Identity

The Challenge

Image Now was tasked with delivering a powerful brand identity with a purposeful brand strategy. Altnua specialises in site discovery and development across solar+storage projects. The challenge was to connect its mission to their identity, creating a brand built on the strength of the company’s ethos.

The Solution

With many energy providers now focused on the planet, our strategy flipped this, highlighting people as primary benefactors. The delivered brand was created around the alliance of design, colour and considered copy. Design: The logo-mark portrays an infinite motion, illustrating the essence of renewable energy. This dynamic construct captures solar panels and the movement of wind turbines and pays homage to the farmer and to the patterns found in fields of crops. Colour: The palette created references both the luminescent sky and the rich pastures of our land. Copy: Our visionary tagline: ‘Find. Foster. Forge.’ acts as an ambitious mantra to help drive the organisation forward and pays tribute to nostalgic activist posters — calling out our collective responsibility to protect our planet and each other. 

The Result

A design solution derived from protest. This brand has carved a definite position in the world of renewable energy through a bold and considered identity that demands attention. At its core, the identity focuses on the humane aspects of what Altnua does. By flipping the lynchpin narrative energy companies rely on, we created a brand with a refreshing outlook in the renewable energy sector.