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Image Now’s working relationship with TV3 over the last 10 years has helped the independent broadcaster grow from a single channel to a multi-channel force in Irish television.

The Solution
Working closely with the TV3 and Virgin Media team we helped develop a versatile but individual multi-brand strategy to enable the broadcaster to reach the widest audience while remaining true to their independent beginnings.

Over the last 8 months, we have worked closely with the marketing team to develop a three channel group strategy. We built individual identities for 3, 3e and B3 as well as a refreshed on-air package that embraces a more confident energetic expression of the brand. The design, typography, colour palette, animations now have a more dynamic range that speaks to a number of audiences and breadth of shows that are different from each other and from anything else on television.

The Results
TV3 has recorded its highest ever viewership figures during May according to figures from TAM Ireland. According to the figures TV3 Group recorded a 17.9% share of viewing, 
the highest ever monthly share in the group’s history.


Strategy and Insights