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Nurturing the craft of distilling

Image Now | Jameson


Jameson saw an opportunity to forge a stronger relationship with leading mixologists that were exploring different ways to introduce new taste sensations. They wanted to bring more awareness to Jameson’s versatility as a whiskey, showing it to be used in new and exciting ways. The Jameson barrel aged cocktail project was a collaboration between Jameson and these leading bartenders in key markets where resized 15 litre miniature Jameson barrels were selectively provided to key mixologists.

Image Now produced a short film for Jameson with the aim of inspiring and educating bartenders to nurture their craft. The video takes you on a journey from the cooperage of Midleton Distillery to the urban London bar scene. It shows the process involved in bringing the barrel aged cocktail into being and gives an understanding of the care and skill that goes into creating the ultimate cocktail.

The video was shown through various social media platforms as well as trade focused sites and blogs.