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Image Now | Dogs Trust Ireland


Image Now is proud to partner with Dogs Trust Ireland to highlight the plight of mother dogs in puppy farms. Our team developed the concept, storyboard, script, edit and 3D work for their campaign video for #StopKeepingMum.

The campaign aims to highlight to the public the plight of mother dogs in puppy farms who are often kept in disgraceful conditions where they are not cared for - and only kept alive to breed more pups.
Dogs Trust recommends that when people are buying puppies to always ask to "See Mum" to judge whether she is being adequately cared for. If you are unable to see the Mum, Dogs Trust recommends not buying the pups as they may well have health problems and even be inbred.

The video shows an endless production line, with a constant flow of soft toy puppies falling into the abyss as 'quotes' from a Mum appear on screen, such as "I’ve never seen daylight" and "Nobody cares about me" as the camera tracks and pans across the top of the production line to reveal a sad looking mum at the top. The Mum ‘Honor’ originally arrived at Dogs Trust following Ireland’s first ever compulsory Puppy Farm closure and was one of the most frightened and overwhelmed dogs the charity had ever seen.

The charity is asking members of the public to support the #StopKeepingMum campaign by always asking to see Mum if buying a puppy and to help spread this message on social media.

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