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The Future of Food Retail

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The Challenge
Hussmann Corporation, a subsidiary of Panasonic approached us to extend its portfolio through the creation of a new start-up company in the food retail industry. The food retailing industry is a highly competitive sector and ever increasing so. It has witnessed rapid change in recent years, primarily due to the advent of digital technology. This phenomenon has created a new playing field for retailers and brands and it is one that must be embraced in order to succeed.

By unlocking the potential of digital technology, this new start up will assist food retailers in increasing sales, growing customer loyalty and reducing costs. Strengthened further by the technical expertise of Panasonic, this start up is ideally positioned to apply its broad knowledge and proven technologies to help both small and large food retailers in achieving their objectives.

Passion and dedication have seen the organisation’s offering evolve over time, as it continually grows and adapts to ensure the continued success of its customers. In doing so, it has established a strong reputation as a trusted advisor.

We created a new brand strategy, personality, name and brand portfolio to help this new division to take a pioneering step – becoming a trustworthy partner who is always working with one eye set firmly on the future.

The Solution
Aperion offers innovative thinking, solutions and great partnerships, playing a vital role in creating and shaping food retailing. So, we built a brand strategy rooted in exactly that. ‘Let’s create the future of food retailing.’

A strategic shift from components to people reflected Aperion as the leading professional services expert, and created the differentiation it needed within the industry.

A bold strategy demanded an equally confident personality. We combined a ‘Fearless, passionate’ attitude with sharp graphics that are ‘straightforward and professional.’ Although focused on innovation and technology, we gave Aperion a new tone of voice that infused communications with humanity and warmth, steering the brand towards a friendlier everyday language, instead of hiding behind cold, technological terms.

The name ‘Aperion’ stems from the greek word, meaning unlimited, infinite or indefinite, without end. It has a bespoke and classic feel to it, which would appeal to the core target market at C-suite level across global markets.